Zkittlez Kalashnikov Auto

Genetics: Zkittlez x Kalashnikov Original

Phenotype: Sativa 40%, Indica 60%

Height: 80-110 cm in a greenhouse, 100-150 cm outdoors.

THC: 21-24%

From seed to harvest: 9-10 weeks

Indoor harvest: 350/650gr/m2

Outdoor harvest: 70-120 gr. from a plant

Zkittlez Kalashnikov Auto is one of the most aromatic and delicious varieties in our collection. It is an indica-dominant hybrid originally developed by Terp Hogz, after which Zkittlez became a favorite of many growers. Zkittlez genetics crossed with our traditional Kalashnikov Original armor-piercing cartridge leave no chance of survival.

A properly grown plant’s buds typically form dense, light green, round buds with dense reddish-orange hairs, giving the crop a distinct, distinctive color.

Sniffing a bag or glass of Zkittlez buds, a deliciously satisfying blend of sweet citrus, sugary tropical fruit and sweet aromas, has been proven to teleport you to the Skittles candy factory floor. The strong aroma can linger in the air even after plants have been harvested. We must admit that this variety should top the top list if only because of its exceptional smell, not to mention the taste.

Although Zkittlez Kalashnikov Auto is an indica-dominant strain, we noticed that it has a euphoric and even severe stress-relieving, but at the same time active and uplifting effect. The buds can, in principle, be consumed throughout the day, unlike most indica strains.

When consumed, you will feel all the above aromas with the addition of a powerful psychedelic effect that lasts for more than one hour. Attention! Treat this variety with caution, and be sure to warn your friends if you decide to treat them!

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