Boy Scout Cookies

Genetics: Kubanskiy Ubiyza x Girl Scout Cookies
Phenotype: Sativa 30%, Indica 70%
Height: 90-120 cmTHC: 25%
Flowering: 60-65 days
Indoor Harvest: 500-600 g/m2
Outdoor Harvest: 900 – 1500 g/plant

Speaking boxer’s language, Boys Scout Cookies is a double hook, a double hit from the right and left. Two legendary varieties combined with an increased THC content and a powerful indica effect. Undemanding and easy in growing and grooming, this generously cropping strain available for cultivation even for people with two left hands only. Compact silvery white buds are covered with frosty trichomes up to the last day of flowering. Pure cerebral high with prolonged effect . The taste of condensed milk and chocolate biscuits while smoking. Boy Scout Cookies is a perfect sedative, it fights insomnia and improves appetite.


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    • Oldman on 08.09.2017 at 21:53
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    Expensive, but WORTH IT. Strong, sticky buds, grows without problems. From a pack of 10 seeds – 10 plants came out, I didn’t weigh the harv, but it’s amazing how much i got🙂 I recommend it to everyone.

    • admin on 19.09.2017 at 12:40
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    Photo sent from Austria, LED lighting

    • OlesKiev on 14.01.2018 at 17:47
    • Reply

    Hard stoned!!
    I treated exactly ten people, all shot dead !!!!
    I LOVE BOYSCOUT lads he naturally kills 🙂
    Team Kalashnikov, hold the bar, hugged !!

    • admin on 13.10.2018 at 16:21
    • Reply

    Photo sent by a grower from Spain, end of September.

    • admin on 05.05.2020 at 14:02
    • Reply

    The photo was sent to our chat in Telegram.

    • Murad on 27.07.2020 at 07:22
    • Reply

    My third grow, there is no comparison to the first two. Everything is like clockwork, just water and watch. One plant per meter box filled it completely. Under the board from “Siyanie”, also satisfied.

    • Arsen on 13.10.2020 at 13:07
    • Reply

    I bought it in the Generalplan store. I never thought that such quality could be. Everyone who is involved in the topic, more respect!

    • admin on 14.11.2020 at 21:37
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    Photo sent by a grower from Canada.

    • Gosha on 14.04.2021 at 17:18
    • Reply

    The bush is of the correct form, it smells very strongly, the photo shows the sixth week of flowering.

    • Tryed on 04.06.2021 at 19:07
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    Supreme class! I grew it in the shade, there is no bush behind the barn, and the buds are sticky! I took a photo on a high, respect, brothers. For that year a great out, I liked it very much.

    • GoSmoke on 21.07.2021 at 12:57
    • Reply

    Favorite variety in terms of yield and strength

    • Hot on 10.09.2021 at 22:32
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    It stones hard, I only smoke a joint, it’s impossible to do anything from a wet one, just lie down, and then it’s almost like hallucination. Never tried harder.

    • Carlson on 13.10.2021 at 21:34
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    The most beautiful plants in many years, unusual color and smell.

    • admin on 27.12.2021 at 22:09
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    Photo sent by a grower from Argentina.

    • admin on 14.01.2022 at 00:25
    • Reply

    Photo from our Telegram chat, sent by a grower from the south of Russia.

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