White Critical Express

White Widow x Critical Mass x Secret Hybrid
Sativa 30%, Indica 70%
THC: 21%
Height: 80-120 cm
Flowering: 45-48 days
Indoor: 450-600 g/m2
Outdoor: 60 – 300 grams per plant

W.C.E. – Our new Express for classics lovers. Very “fast”, compact plant with large buds.
Dominating aroma reminds of Critical, but the amount of resin clearly states Widow’s involvement.
It would be best planting all the varieties of Express tested in the Krasnodar region, southern Ukraine and Spain, in mid-July. Growth process accelerates due to its “secret hybrid ” genes, and it is quite possible to get a wonderful result by the middle of October. Our Express Line allows you to save a couple of months at the initial stage of work.
Any cannabis connoisseur will enjoy balanced Sativa-Indica effect of this plant. We recommend using SCROG method, while growing this variety, due to its big and heavy buds.


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    • Мах on 17.05.2015 at 21:09
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    Muy fuerte variedad!

    • Peter on 02.02.2017 at 19:51
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    Dear Kalashnikov team,
    here are couple White Critical Express
    I grow in Ontario, Canada
    Photo dated 18 august 2019

    • Dmitriy on 12.10.2017 at 19:09
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    Now we are on the 93rd day of growth and the 65th day of flowering.
    The plants grew well (apart from minor local problems in the form of mold, which damaged about 3-4 buds), bushy and full of health. Used the SCROG method.
    Due to the early pruning of the leaves and, subsequently, some lower inflorescences, the crop, which I plan to harvest already in 2-3 days, will turn out to be somewhat small, but in terms of the degree of effect and stiffness it is very good. Indica, as stated, predominates. Although sativa notes are noticeable in the form of troubles:)
    And yes, the ripening time, in my opinion, is underestimated in the characteristics. Now there is a 65th day of flowering and a couple of days before the harvest.

    • Ivan on 13.02.2018 at 21:27
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    A good bush, we will cut it soon, I was not mistaken in choosing, thank you.

    • admin on 04.06.2018 at 12:01
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    White Critical Express, great example of microgrowing! Photo taken from our Telegram chat, author: Andrey.

    • admin on 04.06.2019 at 01:06
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    Photo sent by a grower from the USA.

    • admin on 21.08.2019 at 22:08
    • Reply

    Photo sent by a grower from Santiago, Chile.

    • admin on 19.05.2020 at 18:15
    • Reply

    Photo submitted by an anonymous grower.

    • Peacful on 07.09.2021 at 19:34
    • Reply

    I have grown a tree, I need to buy a saw now.

    • admin on 29.11.2021 at 17:42
    • Reply

    The photo was taken by the Kalashnikov Seeds team, first published in our Telegram chat.

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