Siberian Haze

AK-47 x Haze x Amnesia
Sativa 65%, Indica 35%
THC : 22%
Height: 90-120 см
Flowering: 65-75 days
Indoors: 450-550 gr/m2
Outdoors: 750-1200 gr/plant

This hybrid is the result of crossing AK-47, Haze and Amnesia. One of the strongest Kalashnikov Seeds strains, containing 22% of THC. Short flowering period for a Sativa-dominant plant.
Beautiful and tall with dark leaves and elongated fox-tale buds. Recommended for experienced growers, demanding extra care while growing (manicuring, supporting heavy buds). SCROG method gives best results indoors.
Owns a very strong smell with hints of Haze.
Powerful Sativa high is ideal for active work and socializing.


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    • Anton on 22.10.2014 at 00:13
    • Reply

    By stupidity, it’s not very big, but it SLUMS for about three hours, that’s for sure., Ready for harvesting beginning of October (Ukraine), quite so.
    and a strong suit for different weather conditions … The taste is also on top ….

    • JustLad on 04.09.2018 at 00:05
    • Reply

    Good strain.
    I got a strong and soft.
    It does not shot tightly, a clear mind and sativa high, a good mood for 3 hours.
    And then I got a classic indica stone in the bed.
    I advise.

    • GodBless on 13.02.2022 at 20:19
    • Reply

    After curing, I got a lot of mega f**king buuds from one bush, out of the Krasnodar. The quality is medical, went to the creative, all the best !!

    • Pavel on 13.02.2022 at 21:15
    • Reply

    Planted under the LED, grows strong and healthy, we’ll see.

    • admin on 17.02.2022 at 13:14
    • Reply

    Photo from our Telegram chat, sent by an anonymous grower from Latvia.

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