Genetics: Godfather OG x Do-Si-Dos x Kuban Killer
Phenotype: Sativa 20%, Indica 80%
Size in the box: 100-130 cm.
THC: 33%.
Flowering: 55-65 days
Yield indor: 600-700 grams/m2
Yield outdoors: 900-2000 grams per plant

We worked on this strain for three years, as we had more time than usual during covid times. The goal was simple: to create a strong, hardy variety with a lot of THC and unpretentious, resistant to temperature fluctuations and fungal diseases. Partizan has proven to be a great grower in both “out” and “in” trials. With a professional approach to growing, the THC level reaches 33%, and we think this is not the limit, because the range of fertilizers and additives is growing, and each grower tries his own combination. Great for making various potent extracts with alcohol, butane, CO2. BHO and Rosin based on it turn out just magical. It has a bright, unlike anything else flavor that comes from crossing our legendary Kuban Killer with some of the best representatives of American genetics. The smell is hard to describe, but you can’t help but like it! The smoking effect is long-lasting and “overkill.

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