Do-Si-Dos 47 Auto

Genetics:  Do-Si-Dos x Kalashnikov Original

Phenotype: Sativa 60%, Indica 40%

Height: 70-120 cm, in a greenhouse, 110-150 cm outdoors

THC: 21%-25%

From seed to harvest: 10-11 weeks

Indoor harvest: 350-600 g/m2

Outdoor harvest: 80-140 gr. from a plant

It is known for certain that growing Do-Si-Dos 47 Auto has a shocking effect impact on old school growers. Unlike the old varieties that are a thing of the past, Our Do-Si-Dos 47 Auto produces high THC buds and guarantees impressive harvest. The terpene composition of this variety is also unique: a wonderful mix of flavors refreshes the mind and does not cause dryness, but, on the contrary, salivation in the mouth. This one is unique the hybrid pleases with colorful buds, which are responsible for a double buzz that combines catastrophic weighting of the body and brain earthquake. How, tell me, can you not love this variety? Do-Si-Dos 47 Auto offers a unique drinking experience. His bumps not only don’t look alike like nothing you have ever seen, but with every bite they give a rich taste of sugar and fruit. We advise you to save some stuff for special occasions to produce impression on your guests, even if they are very experienced and have seen everything miscellaneous. By crossing Do-Si-Dos with the highly potent AK-47, we have created a reliable autoflowering version a well-known strain, but with a strong indica dominance. Original variety Do-Si-Dos is respected for its intense indica flavor, stunning exterior Vid and high productivity.

Do-Si-Dos 47 Auto stands apart among the varieties on the market. In fact, its high yield and high THC level confuse many breeders, for it is very difficult to bring out such a miracle. Do-Si-Dos 47 Auto has proven itself perfectly in almost any conditions, from warm climates with a long growing season to cooler, northern regions. Plants grown indoors reach approximately 120 cm in height. If you prefer your plants to be even smaller, use the LST technique early stages of vegetation. Outdoors under good sun, Do-Si-Dos 47 Auto grows up to one and a half meters in height. It’s quite difficult to hide, but you can enjoy a harvest of up to 140 grams. With plants.

Do-Si-Dos 47 Auto – a very beautiful Christmas tree, delighting with dazzling shades purple, orange, green and yellow colors. Of course, cones by the end of flowering will cover a thick layer of trichomes with earthy, sweet and citrus flavors. When consumed, prepare for a powerful yet balanced high that will energize you. body while keeping the mind alert and ready for action. It is worth understanding that after five or six After taking puffs, the mind may begin to wander and daydream, which is not always pleasant a phenomenon for many.

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