Amur Gelato Auto

Genetics: Amur Gigant x Gelato

Phenotype: Sativa 50%, Indica 50%

Height: 80-100 cm in a greenhouse, 120-180 cm outdoors

THC: 21%-26%

From seed to harvest: 9-10 weeks

Indoor harvest: 400/550 g/m2

Outdoor harvest: 60-150 gr. from a plant

A unique hybrid of the legendary Gelato variety with our favorite Amur Giant Auto, proven over the years.

The Amur Gelato Auto variety today is one of the strongest and fragrant autoflowering flowers in our project. THC content when properly grown can reach 26%, so to speak, this is a dessert for an adult table. Despite the balanced ratio of indica and sativa in its genetics, Amur Gelato Auto is an autoflower with a strong indica structure, making it ideal for indoor greenhouses. Amur Gelato Auto is suitable for beginners and easy to grow. The terpene profile of Amur Gelato Auto is a sensory journey from sour to creamy, and then from sweet straight to savory. Such a trip is unlikely to ever get boring, even if ride often! All the main flavors are reminiscent of the best Italian dessert: a delicious combination of sweet cookies and soft-serve ice cream, complemented by sharp citrus and a subtle damp earthiness.

Amur Gelato Auto instantly lifts your mood and stimulates the creative process. Thanks to the unrivaled potency of this strain, just a couple of good puffs enough to achieve absolute happiness. An ideal mood lifter. He

also relieves social anxiety and helps you take the lead in any discussion. If you decide taste Amur Gelato Auto in private, an unexpected burst of creativity awaits you – perfect option for planning and revealing your creative flair. To avoid being When chained to the sofa, it is better to observe moderation. The variety is ideal for: creatives of all stripes: strong creative flow, warm energy and focus on a few hours and a new positive outlook on the world.

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