Siberian Gorilla Auto

Genetics: Gorilla Glue#4 x Siberian Haze

Phenotype: Sativa 60%, Indica 40%

Height: 80-120 cm in a greenhouse, 90-140 cm outdoors

THC: 21-26%

From seed to harvest: 10-11 weeks

Indoor harvest: 400/600 g/m2

Outdoor harvest: 80-150 gr. from a plant.

The creation of this wonderful variety is due to the crossing of the acclaimed Gorilla Glue #4, with our proven Siberian Haze at all latitudes. The result was the birth of a very a stable and beautiful plant that has added automatic gene and a very good stem structure, keeping the mainquality of the famous Gorilla Glue variety, which has won the sympathy of growers around the world. Siberian Gorilla Auto features vigorous growth and a structure in the shape of the mighty Siberian spruce, where the snowy top rises above the crown, in which an incredible amount of Compact, high quality buds that infuse THC parallel to the main cola. When grown in open ground, plants develop very easily and vigorously. During flowering requires a balanced application of fertilizers without exceeding the nitrogen content, so that the bush reaches its full potential, but does not burn out from an overdose. The yield of Siberian Gorilla Auto indoors reaches 600 g. per m2. Properly lit and cared for, the plant consists of compact and very resinous shishmans with a chocolate aroma with a fir undertone and hints of lemon. It certainly smells very much like the original American Gorilla Mom GG#4.

Outdoors, plants show high productivity depending on growing conditions, and with the correct pot size and proper placement on sun, from a bush you can get up to 150 grams of resinous flowers with a powerful aroma. The aromas and taste are due to the properties of the original gorilla clone: earthy and sour tones with pine and lemon notes.

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